Watch 16-year-old Noah Centineo dance to Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” in this epic video

If you didn’t spend at least part of 2018 falling in love with Noah Centineo after watching To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix, what were you doing? He became practically everyone’s celebrity crush overnight, and in a new video that’s resurfaced from when he was younger, we’ve fallen in love with him even more (if that’s possible).

As a fan pointed out on Instagram, a video that Centineo made when he was 16 with actor and friend Jack Griffo has resurfaced, and it is gold. Solid gold. In the vid, Centineo and Griffo are dressed as superheroes, wearing Batman and Superman T-shirts and capes, dancing to Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend.” Yes, this is real.

The video includes both guys doing a choreographed dance, which they seem to have named Super Hero Swag. The video even includes slow-mo and location changes: first they’re inside, then they’re at some kind of strip mall, then they’re near the street. It’s quite a production. Who knew Centineo would grow up to star in one of the most beloved Netflix rom-coms of all time?

It would be impossible to simply describe this video and do it justice, so obviously, you have to see it for yourself:

“Jack Griffo & Noah Centineo roll to dinner in Burbank,” the video’s description simply says. We’re a little disappointed that it doesn’t include more explanation than that, but it is what it is—and looking at the comments on the video, a lot of people are seeing this for the first time in 2018, more than six years after it was originally posted.

So far, Centineo has yet to respond to the video’s resurfacing, but our fingers are crossed that a tweet or Instagram post is coming. What would Lara Jean think of this?!