No, not a mirage — this 10-pound donut is a dessert dream in a desert oasis

At 5:30 a.m., in total darkness, we began our quest for the 10-pound donut. The JW Marriott in Palm Desert offers a “DoNut Disturb” package built just for donut aficionados like me. As a guest at the resort, you can choose to add on this sweet deal to your stay and you’ll be treated with a 10-pound donut-shaped cake. The Tahitian vanilla cake is filled with raspberry cream, iced with freshly made buttercream, covered with fondant, and topped with millennial pink royal icing and multicolored sprinkles. Needless to say, I was day (and night, TBH) dreaming about this donut our entire drive.


After winding through windmill mountains under cloud-filled skies, we arrived in sunny Palm Desert to the JW Marriott Dessert, er, Desert Springs Resort. We were greeted by countless water features, a lush, green golf course, and neon pink flamingos. As we checked in, we checked out the lobby, and found actual boats floating in their own personal resort lake. This place was wow-ing us across the board, but we had bigger donuts to fry and made our way to the kitchen.

Chef Peter, the resort’s head pastry chef, took us behind the scenes of the JW Marriott in their massive kitchen. He introduced us to Dominick, the man who would be creating our beautiful donut, and, for the first time, we saw this monster of a pastry. The cake was baked but bare, so we were able to watch the donut transformation. As the chef carved and iced the cake, it began to take form. But the real magic happened once he applied the fondant and revved up his airbrush machine. The chef shaded the fondant to create that “fried” look, and suddenly the cake actually started to look like a real donut. But my favorite part was when he piped on the millennial pink icing and added those bright blue and yellow sprinkles. THAT was a donut!

And actually, I lied before, my favorite part was the very last step: They brought out a small container of magical, sparkling, rainbow glitter dust and sprinkled it all over this already beautiful donut cake. If you didn’t know, when food is shimmering with an iridescent glow, it immediately becomes more appetizing. So this thing looked impossibly delicious.


We were told the donut would be prepped, plated, and delivered to our room, so we headed upstairs and anxiously awaited the arrival. I opened the door to the sweetest display on wheels I’ve ever seen. The donut delivery fairy, aka the lovely room service lady, pushed in a cart complete with white table cloth, six milk drink options, millennial pink striped straws, and forks for sharing with all my nonexistent friends. And the glorious donut, obvi.

Already the experience was incredible. The luxurious rooms, the extravagant donut delivery service, and the warm hospitality blew us away. And even though I was eager to try the infamous donut, I wanted to enjoy some time lounging at the resort, too. But I felt bad leaving the donut all by its lonesome, so I brought it with me to experience all the hotel had to offer.

Donut and I were able to taste test the variety of milk options that were delivered with the package before blowing bubbles in all of them. Of course we lounged together on the plush, king-sized bed and then quickly decided jumping on it seemed way more fun. We also got in a little spa time with a calming bath that included a pink fizzy bath bomb and the best powdered donut facial I’ve ever had. We ended our day together sipping a tropical drink poolside and soaking up the sun. And as the glow of twilight took over the mountains in the distance, I grabbed ahold of my precious pink donut…

…and dug in.

This thing far exceeded my expectations. It was fresh, flavorful, and surprisingly light and fluffy despite its weight. Honestly, it was hard to believe something so pretty could taste that good, but this donut lives up to the hype.


The “DoNut Disturb” package was a seriously sweet deal and made me feel like a big-shot donut VIP. It’s the perfect birthday, anniversary, bachelor/ette, random weekday celebration. (Coachella-goers, we see you.) Like, really, you don’t need an excuse. It’s too fun to pass up and if you’re a major donut fan like I am, you have to get in on this while you can. Find out all the details for your own “DoNut Disturb” experience here.