Hold up, is Disneyland doing away with its fireworks show?

A day at Disneyland is not complete without a fireworks show to end the day. Disneyland and fireworks go together like peanut butter and jelly or Anna and Elsa. One isn’t completely without the other.

However, soon, you might find yourself at Disneyland without any fireworks show to cap a magical day. For real. The rumor on Main Street U.S.A. is that come Fall, Disneyland is going to discontinue their nighttime spectacular.

Before you start freaking out, the plan was always to stop the current fireworks show this fall. Disneyland is celebrating their Diamond 60th anniversary, and has a firework show to go along with it, “Disneyland Forever.” The Diamond Celebration ends on September 5th, and all along it was assumed that the fireworks show would continue on for a little while longer. Because who doesn’t love a good splash fireworks show, amirite?


According to WDW News Today, after September 5th “Disneyland Forever” will stop nighttime performances. They’ll still be a fireworks show on select nights, thanks to the themed Halloween and Christmas parties that will happen this Fall and Winter. But on nights when there are NO parties, it sounds like they’ll also be NO fireworks.

Right now, this is still just a rumor and Disneyland hasn’t confirmed, or denied, anything. However recently, the park (and Disney World) has seen some ~unofficial~ cutbacks across the property. Most noticeably, they’ve been with reduced park hours and some seasonal locations closing within the park. This was all to save a little extra money to make sure that Shanghai Disneyland was perfect and pristine for opening day. With that park now open, things should start going back to Disney’s normal.

Maybe the fireworks will stay around longer, or in another few months, they’ll be gone. Either way, better start thinking about making your way to Disneyland this summer. Just in case.

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