Looks like there won’t be a ‘Game of Thrones’ movie after all

Last weekend, the Internet was abuzz with news of a Game of Thrones movie after British tabloid The Daily Star reported that GoT author George R.R. Martin had confirmed that a movie was in the works. According to the reports, Martin had confirmed that there would be a movie and that it would center on Robert Baratheon’s rebellion. Martin’s rep has weighed in on the Daily Star quotes (which were allegedly made at an Emmy party), saying they’re “not direct quotes.”

Ready for an actual direct quote? Martin issued a statement to the Huffington Postsaying, “There’s been talk about [a Game of Thrones movie]. I’d love to see one, but nothing is decided.”

There you have it. Nothing is decided. Sadly, HBO sounds even less optimistic about the prospects of a Game of Thrones movie, calling the claims made in the Daily Star article, “not at all correct.”

Way harsh. But fret not, GoT superfans. Martin can’t help sharing tidbits about his world (be it the novels, the show, or the potential-maybe-future-movie), and he took to his LiveJournal to elaborate on the potential of a movie (and to give us all major middle school flashbacks at the mere mention of LiveJournal).

“No one is working on any movie just now,” he wrote. “And if there was a movie, it would not be about Robert’s Rebellion.”

Now that’s some hope to cling to. HBO may not be planning a movie, but if Martin knows that a GoT movie would definitely not be about Robert’s Rebellion, well, that sure sounds like some movie talk has happened already to us.

Of course, we don’t have to worry too much about the future of the franchise just yet. HBO has already confirmed there will be at least seven seasons of the series (and, honestly, it’s looking like there will actually be at least eight), which means we still have plenty of waiting for winter to come in our futures as it is. Still, we wouldn’t say no to a Game of Thrones movie, and there’s plenty of other fascinating back story to explore, if the creators choose to go non-linear with it, after all. (You know, if it even happens…which it probably won’t…but it might.)

(Image via HBO.)

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