Just FYI: There’s a new way to drink iced coffee

Iced coffee just got a whole lot cooler, and not because someone put in too many ice cubes. It’s a little deceiving at first glance, but there’s a new way to drink coffee, and it’s pretty similar to drinking beer on tap. OK, it’s exactly like drinking beer on tap — except replace the beer with coffee.

WHAT? Coffee that looks and feels like drinking beer? So many yeses. Nitro cold-brew iced coffee is the latest coffee trend that is becoming super popular in coffee shops throughout the country. Mornings and afternoon pick-me-ups may never be the same again.

Here’s how the awesome coffee is made: nitrogen is added to regular cold-brew coffee and then pulled on a pressurized nitro tap. The result is similar to a pint of brew, complete with a head of foam and bubbles — but it tastes like coffee. Not just any coffee, however.

Refinery29 reports that the nitrogen completely changes the taste and feel of the coffee altogether, creating a creamy coffee flavor with hints of chocolate. People who typically use creamer in their coffee tend to drink the nitro version black. And less creamer means less time between the tap and your mouth.

The high-end coffee chain and distributor Stumptown has been serving regular cold-brew coffee on tap since 2012, and then started experimenting with creating a coffee texture that resembles beer in 2013. Stumptown now serves nitro cold-brew, both on tap and in cans, at all of its locations, and also distributes the product to coffee shops nation-wide.

This is a coffee trend we hope never goes away!

(Featured images via Stumptown)

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