These office chairs feel like something out of Harry Potter

We know Nissan as the company that made our first boyfriend’s car (well, the car he inherited from his parents) but now it looks like Nissan might be getting into the office furniture business and the results are straight-up magical.


Meet the Intelligent Parking Chair, an office chair that zooms over to your desk and tucks itself in when you clap your hands.


The chairs literally drive themselves around like cars… which makes sense… because of the whole being made by a car company thing.


The tech the chairs use to scooch themselves into your desk all neat and tidy-like was actually designed for self-parking cars, so that people who are not the GREATEST parkers in the world can get into a spot without dinging up all the other cars on the block.

Here’s how the chairs work: According to the promotional vid, there are motion detection cameras set up in the corners of a conference room that track the location of each chair. Based on the info these cameras provide, they guide the chairs back to their preprogrammed spots.

So as much as we would love to have these chairs in our office, like, yesterday, no word re: when you’ll be able to buy a magical office chair at Target (or even IF you can, it’s possible Nissan just made these chairs to showcase their nifty tech) but we will continue to dream of a day when our chairs push themselves back into our desks. Future, you are so close, yet so far away…

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