Forget lip injections — Kendall Jenner is making nipple injections a thing

If Kylie Jenner is responsible for a wave of lip injections, then it appears that Kendall Jenner is inspiring people to get nipple injections. It seems that there’s a rise in women getting nipple enhancement surgery in an effort to get the “high beams” look that Kendall Jenner has been seen sporting, according to the NY Post. While there are a couple different methods and nipple procedures around, the desire to have a cold nipple look in any weather is the driving force behind this new trend.

There are many doctors who use Botox and fillers to achieve this look, but there is also a procedure called the Inverted Nipple Correction that provides similar results. If you happen to be a good candidate for it, using fillers is a quick and virtually painless solution. For women with inverted nipples or nipples that don’t protrude much, the Inverted Nipple Correction procedure might be the way to go. We spoke to Dr. Elie Levine of Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC about the rise of nipple injections.

He tells HelloGiggles:

"There is a growing number of women seeking out this procedure over the last few years. Understandably, women are often shy about discussing this issue as they do not realize how common it is. As more women freely speak about it, it becomes more mainstream and more women have been coming in. The demand has steadily increased by about 20%."

If a person chooses to have the Inverted Nipple Correction as opposed to a filler, they can rest assured that it’s a relatively easy procedure. Dr. Levine tells us:

"It is performed under local anesthesia, it takes less than an hour, is virtually scarless, and creates mild to moderate soreness for about a week. Women can go back to work that day and do not need to take off time from work to recover."

We have to admit, it sounds relatively simple.

Would you ever take the plunge and get your nipples to look like Kendall Jenner’s?

In the NY Post video, most of the women featured talk about wanting to get nipples like Kendall Jenner’s specifically. One woman said, “I love Kendall Jenner, and I love that she just doesn’t wear a bra.” Another woman mentioned, “You can’t see her nipples, but you can see the pointiness, and I think there’s something really sexy and feminine about it.”

It’s interesting to see how this new trend is another example of how far people are willing to go in order to reach the ideal version of beauty. However, Dr. Levine explains that the procedure is quite safe, which at least reassures us that it’s unlikely people will be hurt by this trend. So there’s that.

As with all things cosmetic, what matters most is that the patient feels confident after the fact, and like a more fully realized version of themselves.

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