An actress wore a sequin “nipple dress” to a formal garden party in London and just became our new fashion hero

We love when people have fun with fashion and don’t take themselves too seriously. So it goes that today, we’re really, really loving actress Meredith Ostrom. Meredith isn’t afraid to take risks. To be irreverent. Silly. Slightly inappropriate. Want proof? Here’s the dress Meredith wore to the Serpentine Summer Party in London, a “highlight of high society’s social calendar” that called for a formal garden party dress code:


Yep. Those are sequin nipples. And a generous patch of sequin pubic hair.

Just to give you an idea of the general vibe of the Serpentine Summer Party, Sienna Miller wore an understated white summer dress, and Kate Moss wore a subtly patterned maxi dress and a simple black blazer. But our girl Meredith? She was like, “I’m gonna go with my sequined NSFW mini dress.” And man do we love her for it.