Nintendo’s finally making smartphone games and we’re already distracted

In case Candy Crush, Two Dots, and Five Nights at Freddy’s weren’t already taking over your life (or at least your phone battery), we’ve got some great/terrible news for you: Nintendo is officially branching out into the world of smartphone games, and we’re nearly faint with excitement just thinking about playing Mario Kart on the bus.

As part of a deal with Japanese mobile games giant DeNA, both companies will be working together to develop original games specifically for “smart gadgets” (smartphones and tablets). That means that Nintendo’s kingdom of iconic characters and worlds—Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, frickin’ Pokemon—will be coming to your iPhone or Android as soon as this fall (perfect for back to school).

Really though, the fact that Nintendo is the first Big 3 game console maker (the other two being Sony with PlayStation and Microsoft with Xbox) to do something for phones specifically is pretty big news. Mobile games are big business, and Nintendo’s can exist alongside and maybe even cross over with consoles. While bootleg phone and browser adaptations of Nintendo games have been around for a long time, it’s fantastic to see the company itself moving directly to meet a long-standing demand. Now, whether this move is actually good for consumers is up for debate: Do we really need another platform to play Super Smash on? (The answer is yes, definitely yes.)

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