Nina Dobrev can’t get enough of this “unicorn poop” beauty product

It seems like everyone is jumping on the unicorn train these days. And Nina Dobrev just shared her favorite “unicorn poop” beauty product. According to the to actress herself, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Beauty Spray is the ultimate drugstore find.

If you’ve been paying attention to internet trends, unicorns are super hot right now. Even Starbucks released their own Unicorn Frappuccino. So it makes sense that makeup and beauty brands follow suit. Everything from face highlighters all the way to body glitters are getting the unicorn treatment. And according to Nina Dobrev, unicorn poop is the next big thing.

What is unicorn poop, exactly?

Even though unicorn poop sounds like a funny face mask idea, it’s actually an over-the-counter spray-on tan. As Nina explains…

“[Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Beauty Spray is] basically foundation for your body, so if you’re wearing a dress or shorts, it’s pure magic.

Because not everyone has been able to prepare themselves for the summer season, this product is a great way to spray away little imperfections here and there. In addition to giving you a wonderful glow, this product can be washed away in the shower. No more worrying about getting your tan all over the sheets.

If you’re wondering why Nina called this product unicorn poop, when it doesn’t have many of the obvious unicorn properties, it’s because of how good it is!

“It’s like unicorn poop in a bottle. Unicorn poop is basically pure joy and happiness, she said.

Equally important is the $13 price tag. Where else will you find something that good for that cheap? Not to mention, the spray is available at your local drug store. Meaning you won’t need to splurge your entire savings on a trip to Sephora. We can all definitely agree that that’s pretty darn magical!

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