Nina Dobrev’s unicorn braid is our new favorite easy updo

If you’re anything like me, you’re at constant war with your hair. For me, some days it’s easy to manage. And then it finds the tiniest drop of moisture in the air and curls, and frizzes until it’s an unruly mess. Maybe you’ve the opposite and have thin hair that won’t hold any sort of style no matter how many products you put into it. Long hair, short hair, somewhere in between, doing your hair every single day can be a battle.

That’s why we’re totally digging Nina Dobrev’s super easy and super cute simple braid. Or better yet, this has been dubbed the “unicorn braid” which another reason to fall head over heels for it.

What makes it like a “unicorn?” Well, it’s just a simple braid — a French braid to be specific. But the way Dobrev’s wearing it here, it’s right in the middle of her head, separating her her hair in two. Then, it’s braided BACK and also HIGH as if this were a flowing mane from a magical sparkly unicorn. It also helps a little that Dobrev wore this hairdo to a polo event, but sadly there were no unicorns, only regular horses.

Dobrev’s hairstylist, Riawna Capri, told Refinery 29 she made this happen using “volumizing powder.” Separate your hair, and French braid it back — or politely ask one of your friends who has mastered the art of French braiding to do it for you.

Then, voilà. You’ve got some majestic hair that is perfect for work, or after work, or whenever. Real unicorn not included.

(Image via Instagram.)

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