These pics of Nina Dobrev dressed in silver will finally convince you to give body suits a chance

We’re all about trying new trends, but one that has us a little hesitant is that one-piece body suit trend. We get that they’re supposedly more comfortable than trying to keep a shirt tucked in, or trying to keep a crop top pulled down all day (ugh, fashion struggs) but we’re still a little hesitant. How do you even wear a body suit? Honestly, we’re like, could we rock it?! But then we’re like, of course! Because all bodies are good bodies, and all bodies deserve a body suit if they want it. Body positivity is important, y’all, but it’s not always easy. Fast-forward to us seeing Nina Dobrev in a silver body suit, and finally finding the inspiration we need. Because she looks like a sparkling beach queen, and we love it!

Honestly, leave it to Nina Dobrev in a silver body suit to convince us to finally try one out.

Nina captioned the photo,

"Behind the Scenes from Men's Health Magazine Cover shoot, still on stands so get your hardcopy today!"

Like, whoa. She is seriously so gorgeous!

Makeup artist Beau Nelson shared another shot of Nina Dobrev in a silver body suit, and we have nothing but heart eyes for this beautiful, talented lady.

We’re so proud of her for all of her accomplishments, and hope she’s totally thrilled with how the shots turned out! Now, to find our own body suit…

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