Nina Dobrev has been pretending to be other characters since she was little, and it’s adorable

By far one of our fave celebs is Nina Dobrev. Nina Dobrev is just so, so hilarious, so sweet, and so talented. TBH, we’re obsessed with her, and were so curious about what Nina Dobrev would do after The Vampire Diaries. Clearly, she’s up to even more amazing things (though we’ll adore TVD forevermore!), and in a recent interview with Flaunt Magazine, she shared an amazing throwback memory to what she was like as a kid. And apparently Dobrev was an actress before she was an actress!

In her interview with Flaunt Magazine, Nina Dobrev said she’s been creating characters since basically forever.

In the interview, she shared what it was like growing up in Toronto (where she moved after being born in Bulgaria), and touched on how playful she always was. It’s seriously *so* cute. She said,

"When my mom would eventually meet the person, she’d find that I’d given them a fake name, a fake background, a fake everything. I was creating characters from when I was tiny."


Why? Because it was fun! Dobrev has always been *so* creative, and it’s so, so sweet.

"I thought it was fun to see how far I could go in convincing someone of something that wasn’t real. I found pleasure in it."


Spoken like a true performer.

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