Nina Dobrev shared a photo of her bridesmaid dress for Julianne Hough’s wedding, and it’s so pretty!

Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough are really great friends. So it’s not a surprise that Nina was a bridesmaid in Julianne’s beautiful wedding. Nina posted an Instagram pic of her bridesmaid dress, and it is so pretty! Forget all those jokes about bridesmaid dresses, we’d wear this one every day. And given both Nina and Julianne’s sense of style, it’s no surprise that the bridesmaid dress was a showstopper.

The bridesmaid dresses, as well as Julianne’s wedding and reception dresses, were custom creations by Marchesa. The bridesmaid dresses featured a soft pink color perfect for summer. Three-dimensional chiffon flowers accented the dresses to create some great texture.

Nina had an amazing time at the wedding, and we’re a little jealous.

"Oh and did I mention that this was the most fun wedding I've ever been to? I assumed the dance floor would be 🔥🔥🔥 and I was NOT disappointed. In fact it exceeded all expectations. It was made of antique glass for Christ sake. @simplytroycrushed in every way and every detail was absolute perfection. Ahhhhhhh!! Take me back!! Can you guys renew your vows every year? Thanks!"

Fellow bridesmaid and actress Maude Hirst also shared a photo that shows a side view of the dress. Also gorgeous!

Nina Dobrev had some high wedding expectations. And we don’t blame her!

“Well I have to tell you, it was my first ever bridesmaid experience I ever had, the actress told PeopleStyle. “Julianne and Brooks popped my cherry — in a way! It is only downhill from here."

It looks like Nina’s first bridesmaid experience was a great one! Now, if only all bridesmaid dresses looked that good.

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