Nina Dobrev flirted with wild animals, and it was honestly so funny and charming

We love Nina Dobrev for all the reasons, but we especially love Nina Dobrev’s sense of humor, and she’s gotten funnier than ever on Instagram. We heart her so much, from that time she pretended to make out with herself under the mistletoe to that one time she was in a Lifetime movie. Now, Nina is giving us an entirely new reason to be 100% obsessed with her, because she’s been hanging out with wild animals and FLIRTING WITH THEM. It’s just as amazing as it sounds.

In her most recent Instagram posts, Nina is adventuring around the world, and she took a pause to cuddle a baby kangaroo and a teeny-tiny monkey. It’s precious, but it’s also hilarious AF, because, well, she is Nina Dobrev.

We’re pretty sure that Nina Dobrev flirting with wild animals is our new favorite category of videos. We want more!! This one of her and a baby kangaroo is too precious.

She captioned that absolutely adorable, and yet super freakin’ funny, video, saying,

"Still buzzing from this encounter. Officially off the market."

OMG!!!! And it only gets cuter.

This video of Nina and a teensy monkey is actually the stuff of dreams. They’re so in love, and we so love them both.

She wrote,

"I JUST said I was off the market, and this guy tries to cop a feel. He didn't even try to buy me dinner first. Typical man."

Like, LOL. Our hearts are so full.

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