Game of Thrones‘s Nikolaj Coster-Waldau got booed when he defended *that* Jaime scene

Fans of Game of Thrones all knew the show would have to end someday, but even so, many viewers weren’t happy with how the final season went. Season 8 introduced several plot twists that proved divisive—from Daenerys’s shocking turn to the deaths of beloved characters. And even though it has been two months since the series finale aired, some disgruntled fans are still harboring feelings of disappointment (thousands have even signed a petition for HBO to remake the final season). So naturally, when Nikolaj Coster-Waldau defended Jaime Lannister’s death scene during a San Diego Comic-Con 2019 panel, audience members voiced their disagreement.

According to VarietyCoster-Waldau appeared on the panel on July 19th, along with several of his Game of Thrones castmates. The actor addressed Jaime and Cersei’s death, in which the crumbling Red Keep buries the two Lannisters.

"I thought it was perfect for him to end in the arms of Cersei, it made sense to me, that’s just my opinion," Coster-Waldau said.

The audience, however, disagreed. Variety notes that several fans booed the actor when he made his feelings known. (Lena Headey, for the record, has said that she “wanted a better death” for Cersei.)

Coster-Waldau also pointed out that the ending of the show was never going to make everyone happy, and he urged fans to keep that in mind.

"It comes to an end it’s gonna piss you off no matter what because it’s the end, he said. “If you hated the ending, if you loved the ending, that’s great, just don’t call people names."

Spoken like a true knight.

The actor also had some thoughts about what would have happened between Jaime and Brienne if their romance hadn’t been cut short. According to IGN, Coster-Waldau said, “It would’ve been Brienne and Jaime forever” before taking a metaphorical dagger to the heart of this ship.

"He’s got a lot of baggage, and I think she’d find out after a few weeks and go 'No, I think I’m gonna have to move on,'" he added.

Well, at least Jaime and Brienne can live on in our headcanon. Like Coster-Waldau said, no show can completely satisfy every fan, and we’re doing our best to keep that in mind with Game of Thrones.

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