NikkieTutorials tells us how Lauren Conrad inspired her to start doing makeup and how she got over her fear of winged eyeliner

At Ipsy’s Gen Beauty event last week, we caught up with some of our favorite beauty gurus to get the scoop on their past and present makeup routines.

When it comes to YouTube beauty queens, one of the first names that might pop into your head is Nikkie de Jager, aka NikkieTutorials. With almost twice as many Instagram followers as Christina Aguilera, the Netherlands-born makeup artist and vlogger is someone who makeup lovers immediately turn to for glam-spiration. It’s no wonder that Nikki found a fan in Too Faced Cosmetics, which led to a collaborative collection called The Power of Makeup. We were lucky to get a moment with Nikkie to talk about her top liquid eyeliner picks, and which Sephora face mask should be on everyone’s shopping list!

How did you first get into makeup?

I started in 2008. I was watching The Hills on MTV, and I was 14 years old, and I saw eyeliner, and blush. I was like, “Oh my gosh. What is this?” I looked up on YouTube how to do Lauren Conrad’s eyeliner. I saw Sandy Gold and she did “Wake Up and Make Up,” and she literally filmed herself getting out of bed to do her makeup to look like Lauren Conrad. I was obsessed. I was like, what is this and I want more. So I found this entire world of beauty gurus doing tutorials, which was really small back then. That’s when I started practicing, going to the drugstore, getting stuff — and that’s where it all began.

Was there a trend you tried that you didn’t like or that didn’t work out?

I was always afraid of winged eyeliner because I have hooded eyes. I always thought it was impossible for me to have that. I played around and found a shape that worked for me. I’m so glad that it worked out because we’re besties now, the liner and me!

I’m always looking for the best liquid liner, what are some of your faves?

One of my favorites is Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen. It’s so amazing, there’s just nothing like it. I also love the Sigma Line Ace. It can be so thin, it’s matte, it’s opaque, it’s easy! I love the Jouer Kitten liner for the inner corners. You know when you’re wearing lashes, and you can still see that gap of skin, just go in with the Kitten liner and kind of stamp it on your lash line and it makes it flow together. Those three are my faves!

What are skincare products that you’re really into right now?

I love skincare so much! I love Ofra, they have hidden gems. They have one of the best masks out there. It’s called Ofra Peptide Whitening Mask. It takes care of pores, and when you have a pimple that is more red, it will grab that pigmentation and cancel it. It’s so good! I’ve been trying sheet masks for a really short period because I always thought that they wouldn’t do anything for me. The Sephora ones are really good. The rose one, if you have dry skin, like I have, that is stunning. There are so many brands. I love skincare, I mix it all together. I love Sunday Riley, I love Hannah, I love Senza.

Who are some of your beauty or style icons?

My biggest inspiration, Pat McGrath. Pat McGrath is my goddess. I had the honor of meeting her once and it literally felt like meeting God. I was like, “Oh my god. I’m in the presence of a legend.” She has come up with all the trends, all the techniques. She knows what’s popping or not and then she started doing her own line, and she knows exactly how to kill it. Pat McGrath is EVERYTHING!

Any tips for our readers who are starting to get into makeup? Where should they start?

The most beautiful part about makeup is that it’s so personal. You can go heavy, you can go light, you can go in-between, you can go full-on drag. I think that is the power of what makes makeup so beautiful, it’s because it’s personal. If you feel more secure doing a soft glow with a little bit of concealer, there’s nothing wrong with that. I also wanna note that if people like to cake it on, and feel like their best self, there’s nothing wrong with that either. I think makeup is for everyone.

It’s the power of makeup!

It’s the power of makeup, yeah!

Check back soon to read more interviews with our favorite makeup role models! If you missed our chat with Manny Gutierrez, you can catch it here!

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