I’m Actress Nikki Reed and Here’s Why I’m Championing for Clean Medicine

A terrifying health scare with my young daughter prompted me to reevaluate what meds I'm taking and giving to my kids.

Disclaimer: Nikki Reed is an investor in Genexa and HelloGiggles was not compensated in any way for this article. It’s important to note that even clean medicines made with the same effective active ingredients, but without artificial fillers, can cause reactions in some people. This is solely the opinion of Nikki Reed and should not replace any recommendations or opinions of your doctor.

In a time where access to “clean” products across grocery store and pharmacy aisles is more important than ever, the intersection where conscious ingredients, transparency, and our health collide needs greater attention.

In my family, clean medicine is a must – not only as an everyday option you can lean on and trust for yourself and kids, but especially during times like this when there’s an uptick in cold, flu, covid, and RSV cases.

It’s said that we are in a “tripledemic,” and according to Yale Medicine, kids are getting sick earlier than usual, and in higher numbers, and viruses that nearly vanished during the covid-19 pandemic are suddenly back — flooding emergency rooms.

My “Aha” Moment

My whole life, I have always been an advocate of balance — especially leading a busy life that involved long hours on movie sets — but it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my daughter five years ago that I had a big “aha” moment and really looked critically at what I was putting into my system.

What ingredients are we putting both in and on our bodies? Are there consequences we aren’t even aware of? Honestly, it still amazes me that most of us are not taught to consider the true health of our body until we are growing another human.

During my pregnancy, I had no issue finding sustainable, clean options in the food, skincare, or beauty aisles but came up short when looking for medicines that took the same transparent, clean approach.

I remember the first time I took a hard look at my kids’ medicine labels – I was shocked that I couldn’t pronounce half the ingredients listed. I turned to Google for assistance and when I did, I thought… “this couldn’t be real, could it?”

Doing my due diligence

I, like many health-conscious millennial moms, wasn’t aware that most common medicines found on store shelves contain artificial ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, FD&C red no 40, talc, sucralose, and common allergens like lactose, soy, gluten, to name a few.

There’s even a study published in Science Transitional Medicine that shows 72% of common meds contain some of these fillers. For instance, that pink pill that might be more pleasing to the eye, or cherry taste that pleases the palette — is often filled with, you guessed it, artificial fillers.

Although the FDA says these artificial fillers are safe, there is some research suggesting some may be related to allergies and neurobehavioral effects in children.

Learning the hard way

But like any parent, when your kids are sick – you need immediate solutions, and sometimes you choose a solution that doesn’t fully comply with your ideals. I learned this lesson the hard way when my daughter was sick with a nasty cold.

Within minutes of taking a name brand offering, she had an epic allergic reaction and broke out in hives. It was terrifying, to say the least.

Finding clean medicine

This was enough to set me on a path to finding something clean, and I was led straight to Genexa, the first and only clean medicine company that’s built around delivering the same effective active ingredients — without all the added artificial fillers.

For example, the brand uses things like organic blueberry flavoring to sweeten a children’s liquid medication, as opposed to the aforementioned additives you’ll find in other meds.

Aside from emphasizing exactly what is included in their medicines on the packaging, the informative “Ex List” outlines the artificial inactive ingredients that will never have a place in their products. Consumers need to be educated, and this really simplifies it.

A level of transparency and efficacy like this is not only something I rely on as a mom – but is a choice that all families deserve, which is what prompted me to become an investor and strategic adviser for Genexa.

What else can be done?

So, besides shopping for clean meds, there are some other things I make sure to prioritize for my family to keep them healthy and feeling their best. This list on HealthyChildren.org sums up some of the measures and choices I (and you!) can take daily:

• Buy fruits or veggies fresh or frozen.
• Avoid processed meats.
• Wash plastic food containers by hand.
• Use glass or stainless steel to store food.
• Join the AAP and other organizations that are calling for more research into food additives’ safety, and improvements to the U.S. food additive regulatory program.

My past experience with my daughter led me to be more aware of how the products we use on and put inside of our bodies can impact our health and wellness. So, moms – make sure you continue advocating for your kids and show yourself the same care, too.

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