U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley says the women accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault deserve to be heard

For the past two months, powerful men have been fired and disavowed for sexual misconduct allegations against them. And on December 10th, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley added President Donald Trump to the mix, saying that the women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct should be heard.

Haley said that the allegations against Trump should be taken just as seriously as the recent accusations of other men have. She said that Trump’s accusers should be respected just like any other victim of sexual misconduct

"They should be heard, and they should be dealt with," Haley said on CBS's Face the Nation. "And I think we heard from them prior to the election. And I think any woman who has felt violated or felt mistreated in any way, they have a right to speak up."

Haley added that she was proud of all women who have come forward about experiencing sexual misconduct. When the show’s moderator, John Dickerson, asked her if she felt the accusations had been fully addressed during the election, Haley said that issue was “for the people to decide.”


After a tape from behind the scenes of Access Hollywood surfaced in which Trump bragged that he could kiss and grab women because he was famous, more than 16 women said that they had been sexually assaulted by the then-presidential candidate.

The White House has long maintained the official position that Trump’s accusers are liars. But after Senator Al Franken resigned over charges of sexual harassment, the call for Trump to address the accusations against him has intensified. Some Democratic members of Congress have demanded that Trump also resign over the allegations.

Haley was appointed to her position by Trump himself, and we applaud her for supporting other women, even when the man who hired her is the one being accused. Haley’s response is a model of how we should listen to women who bring forward sexual misconduct allegations. We hope that Trump’s accusers — and all sexual misconduct survivors — are heard, and that they get the justice they deserve.

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