Pizza Hut made sneakers that let you order pizza to your location, and we want them now

Humans have travelled to the moon and back. They invented the internet and the iPhone and even taught Netflix how to ask you about your mental health while you stream six seasons of The Vampire Diaries in one whole weekend. But by far the greatest achievement of all is that Pizza Hut made sneakers that actually allow you to order pizza directly to your location.

The “Pie Tops” (get? it? Like high tops?) look sort of like a pair of off-brand combo of Nike Air Force One’s and the Reebok Pumps.

They’re not, though. They were designed by The Shoe Surgeon, known for adding custom features to your sneaks.

The “Pie Tops” (we love a good pun) have a little Bluetooth device in the tongue, so all you have to do is bend over, squeeze the tongue, and voila! You just ordered a large $7.99 two topping pizza. The only thing you have to do is stay put. Which is probably easy, because, like, where exactly do you think you’re going in a pair of Pizza Hut shoes?

If you’re not into the two-topping thing, the kicks connect to an app where you can configure your one-squeeze order and contact info. We know — we want them, too. Unfortunately, only 64 pairs were made to commemorate the first year that Pizza Hut is a sponsor of the NCAA and to kick off March Madness, so the majority of us are out of luck. Although Pizza Hut promises that a “handful” of pairs will be made available to the public at some point. Sneaker-heads: Get your eBay auction fingers ready. They aren’t as classy as a pair of Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma Creepers, but they are pretty amazing.

The future is definitely made for pizza lovers, or specifically, Pizza Hut lovers. Recently, the pizza chain has been allowing people to order pizza from them by simply messaging them on Facebook and Twitter. If you have an Amazon Alexa, you can just say, “Alexa, enable Pizza Hut skill,” set up a quick account, and get your munchies on. If even all of that is too much work for you, sometime soon you might be able to order Domino’s via a robot. They even have a prototype all ready to go.

The robot has a”heated chamber for pizza and a cooled chamber for drinks,” so you won’t ever have to talk to a human or pretend like people are at home with you to share your two small pies and hot wings on a weeknight. (What? We’ve never done that, what are you talking about?)

So, pick your poison: Pie Tops or Pizza Drone? Either way, we’re totally down with the pizza of the future.