Nike launched a Cinderella sneaker for those who need to make a quick getaway after the ball

While we love our heels as much as the next person, we will be the first to admit that wearing them every day takes a toll on our bodies. Now, don’t get us wrong, though we love being comfortable in our sneakers, sometimes they’re just not ~fancy~ enough. Until now, that is. Because Nike just announced a Cinderella sneaker that may change our whole outlook on dressing up to go out.

Appropriately called the Nike “Glass Slipper,” the Air Force 1s are a pastel dream for sneaker and non-sneaker lovers alike.

The shoe is a typical white Air Force 1…except it’s covered in pastel sequins. Oh no big deal, it’s just the Cinderella sneaker we dreamt up when we were wee lasses. Except now — they exist for real and we can actually buy them. Part Cinderella, part Spice Girl, part totally otherworldly, these shoes will be our new staple.

The sneakers will be available on on July 1st, so set your alarms for 10 a.m., and also get your wallet ready. Because these bad boys will cost you $200.

We’re already imagining what we could pair these beautiful kicks with. A pink dress and matching lipstick, all black for a #pastelgoth look, a metallic skater skirt…the list goes on. And the best part is, if we lose our shoe at the ball, we won’t feel so off balance as we head home.

You’re welcome in advance for the new addition to your closet.

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