‘Nihilisa Frank’ is the dark Lisa Frank Tumblr we never knew we needed

First there was Feminist Lisa Frank. Now there’s a new Tumblr for the grown-up fans of the woman behind our childhood rainbow-explosion sticker books who have a…darker humor. Let us introduce you to Nihilisa Frank, the nihilist’s take on the Lisa Frank world.

Targeted at those who either thought the happy, lovely world of Lisa Frank wasn’t real enough or those who loved it but have developed an appreciation for the darker side of life as they’ve grown up, Nihilisa Frank pulls quotes from noted nihilists/realists like Werner Herzog, Slavoj Žižek, Emil Cioran and Arthur Schopenhauer, just to pick a few out of a line-up.

Pairing pessimistic quotes like, “Life is a constant process of dying,” with an image of sandals and a pink cocktail on a neon-colored beach really turns the knife gently. The stars, glitter and neon colors aren’t quite enough to offset the existential angst this Tumblr will encourage, so proceed with caution.

Fans who miss the original Lisa Frank, with is upbeat slogans, can also get depressed reading Jezebel’s excellent essay on the rise and fall of the company from 2013. Fun fact: the original Lisa Frank art was done by hand with a marker and later airbrushed, as Lisa Frank’s head designer told HelloGiggles in our interview.

(Image via Twitter)