The “A Nightmare on Elm Street” reference in “Stranger Things” you may have missed

As Netflix’s most recent triumph, Stranger Things has become THE most talked about show lately. We love the characters, the theories, and of course, all the awesome visual ’80s movie references.

But one of the more subtle horror movie references you may have missed during all the excitement was a quick nod to Wes Craven’s iconic A Nightmare on Elm Street from 1984.


Of course, you probably first picked up on the reference to Nightmare‘s hero Nancy Thompson with Stranger Things‘ Nancy Wheeler, herself.

The Nancy’s!


But this more ~subtle~ reference may have slipped by you in all the action.

As pointed out first by Redditor Captain-i0, there’s a pretty cool and very literal reference to Elm Street in Stranger Things Episode 7, “Chapter 7: The Bathtub.” Check it out…

While our favorite crew, Mike, Dustin, and Eleven run away (on bike) from the Hawkins Lab creeps, they radio their pal Lucas to rendezvous.


And just like anyone would, they make a meeting point. Where you ask?



And there’s even a slight visual nod to A Nightmare on Elm Street reference a few moments later.

These girls playing patty cake are awfully reminiscent of…

…the girls playing jumprope in an eerie sequence from Nightmare.



We’re loving all the awesome details on this show, keep it up eagle-eyed fans!

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