These ’90s kids dressed as “Nightmare Before Christmas” to meet mall Santa is a Hot Topic dream come true

To a certain contingent of humans born in the late-’80s and early-’90s, the holidays are not about mistletoe, holly, and Elf. They’re about The Nightmare Before Christmas, and this Nightmare Before Christmas “prank” on Santa by some clever cosplayers would make our former mallrat selves — and of course, Mr. Oogie Boogie — beam with pride.

Southern California cosplayer Elissa Kazooichi — who goes by carnivalrhythms on Instagram — recently united with two pals to dress as “Sandy Claws” nemeses Lock, Shock, and Barrel from the 1993 Tim Burton stop-motion classic. These devious, trick-or-treat-loving characters are tasked by the film’s hero, Jack Skellington, to politely coax Father Christmas into stepping aside for one year, and then its villain, Boogie, to kidnap him so he can later be killed and eaten.

So in other words, they’re not exactly on the top of the list when it comes to standard Christmas cosplay.

Also armed with the exact Halloween-themed bag used to trap the poor man (and the Easter Bunny, oops) in the film, Kazooichi and her friends surprised their local mall Santa with their clever get-ups. And of course, took an amazing photo in character.

Lest you think Sandy Claws looks totally miserable in the pic — we sure do — know that the man was actually trying really, really hard not to laugh.

The cosplayers did not, to our knowledge, kidnap him.