This baby is the biggest ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ fan and we’re obsessed

Look, I love The Nightmare Before Christmas, you love The Nightmare Before Christmas, we all love The Nightmare Before Christmas, a deep and abiding passion for this 1993 stop-motion musical is just part of what makes us human beings. But as much as we love Tim Burton’s holiday masterpiece, our love will never to compare to that of Baby Will, the toddler who has gone viral with his love for Nightmare.

As The Daily Mail reports, Will’s parents shot a video in which the two reenacted Will’s favorite scene from his favorite movie, which would be, of course, when Doctor Finkelstein suspects Sally of pouring a sleeping potion into a soup.

“Nothing’s more suspicious than frog’s breath until you taste it,” Will’s dad says as Finklestein.

“I’m not hungry,” Will’s mom replies, as Sally, and knocks the tripod plate that’s standing in for a spoon out of dad’s hands.

It’s a pretty short snippet but, you guys, it cracks Will’s butt UP. Mom and dad reenact the scene a few more times and Will is fanboy-ing out like you’ve never even seen. Also, at one point, they just do a run of Will’s mom knocking things out of Will’s dad’s hands (a remote, a copy of the screenwriting manual Save The Cat, a baby nasal aspirator, an iPhone). And, of course, Will is totally dressed for the occasion in his cobweb-print PJ bottoms.

Check out the adorableness below:


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Image via Touchstone Studios

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