This ice cream is supposed to help you sleep better, so grab a spoon

Trying to get to sleep at night can feel impossible—and sometimes, taking something to fall asleep isn’t always the answer. If you’re the kind of person who wakes up with a zzz-quil hangover, it could end up ruining your entire morning. Fortunately, there may be a solution…especially if you have a massive sweet tooth.

A brand called Nightfood has launched an ice cream that is sleep expert-approved. As PureWowpointed out, the ice cream doesn’t contain any medication or supplements that intend to put you to sleep—it just doesn’t contain anything that’s going to prevent you from falling asleep, like sugar, caffeine, or tons of calories (as most ice creams do).

Actual sleep experts helped to formulate this ice cream and they added sleep-friendly ingredients, including minerals and amino acids that support healthy sleep, like magnesium. It’s worth noting that the company isn’t promoting this as a sleep aid, but instead suggests that because many of us already eat ice cream before bed, this product might be a better option.

“Nightfood does not contain sleep-aid substances or drugs, and it’s not a dietary supplement. It’s simply a better-for-you and more sleep-friendly choice for the over 100 million Americans that are already eating ice cream at night,” the Nightfood website states.

Best of all, it comes in lots of yummy flavors. So far, Nightfood is serving up ice cream in Full Moon Vanilla, Midnight Chocolate, After Dinner Mint Chip, Cold Brew Decaf, Cookies ‘N Dreams, Milk & Cookie Dough, Cherry Eclipse, and Bed and Breakfast (which is described as “sweet maple ice cream with waffle chunks”…OMG).

Down to try it out? You can search for stores near you on Nightfood’s store locator here, or order it from Amazon. Seems like it might be worth a try. Worst case scenario? You still can’t sleep, but you get to eat some really yummy ice cream. And that’s better than a sleepless night without ice cream, right?