Here’s the secret nightclub where all your favorite movie characters hang out

It turns out that if you put Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Terminator, and several different movies worth of Tom Cruises, Al Pacinos, and John Travoltas, what you get is possibly the most meta movie mashup ever created. Plus a whole lot of Stayin’ Alive.

At least, that’s Antonio Maria Da Silva’s take in his short film Hell’s Club, a masterfully seamless edit of nightclub scenes from a variety of movies, from Star Wars to American Hustle. The last time we saw this many cameos was Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video. Tom Cruise from Collateral shares a meaningful gaze with Tom Cruise from Cocktail. 2000‘s John Travolta gets to watch ’70s Saturday Night Fever John Travolta bust a move.

With that many strong personalities in a club together, you know it’s going to end in an epic shootout where no one is safe, including a Stormtrooper blown to the ground by The Terminator, because of course.

We hope Da Silva keeps making movie mashups. Our request: a school scene mashup with appearances by Cher from Clueless and Claire from The Breakfast Club. Hey, we can dream.

(Image via YouTube)


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