NIGHT OF 100 STARS…Who Your Parents Know

Who needs A-listers like Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson and Jennifer Lawrence when there’s Mrs. Cunningham, The Incredible Hulk and Marilu Henner lining up to be Hot on the Red Carpet?

In honor of last month’s 85th Academy Awards, I attended Norby Walters’ Night of 100 Stars Oscar viewing party at The Beverly Hills Hotel. It was the second time I covered the event with my show Hot on the Red Carpet. Last year I had the fortune of interviewing Garry Marshall, Richard Dreyfuss, and Antonio Sabato Jr.. This year’s guests range from the charming Jason Ritter to legendary Academy Award-winner Shirley Jones.

Anyone recall the popular TV Show The Love Boat about a cruise ship crew who help passengers find romance? It ran from 1977 to 1987 and was considered racy for its time. Bernie Koppell who played the ship’s doctor visited me on my Red Carpet and said a comic once described it as “porno for Disney”. Wow, network television has sure come a long way since most shows leave little to the imagination in terms of love scenes.

I also had the pleasure of completely spazzing out in front of Six Million Dollar Man star Lee Majors. He looks pretty amazing for a 73-year-old alongside his beautiful wife Faith. He was a true sport even though I repeatedly badgered him with the only thing I recall from the show – the sound effect of his character, a 6 million dollar robot, running in slow motion.

For any of you Apprentice fans, I chatted with the lovely Marilu Henner, who gave me some inside scoop about this season’s celebrity cast. She became known as the “Gary Whisperer” since she dealt with Gary Busey’s nutty behavior towards cast members who were “A-Busey-ed”.

But enough reading about this event – watch it! Oh, and maybe a security guard accuses me of causing a hazard with my Red Carpet… maybe that will get me access to modern A-listers at next year’s Oscar ceremony.