The Night King has created his own Spotify playlist, if you’re also into pumping yourself up to fight Jon Snow

Of all the Game of Thrones characters you might have guessed would have their own Spotify playlist, this one was probably not on your list. Which is to say, we now know what the Night King might listen to with this Spotify playlist. And no, it’s not just full-length Game of Thrones theme song.

The Night King (aka the terrifying dude who leads the White Walkers) has spent most of his time on Game of Thrones attacking people like Bran and Jon Snow, but everyone needs time to chill — literally. With the help of Game of Thrones‘ music supervisor Evyen Klean, Spotify has created the perfect playlist for when the Night King has a day (or night?) off.

Or for when, you know, he needs to get pumped up to take on one of his many opponents!

The playlist includes artists you would expect like Slayer, Metallica, and Megadeth. But don’t worry, he also has some slower jams like “Man of War” by Radiohead and “March Or Die” by Motörhead.

Here’s the full playlist of 27 songs to get you into the Night King zone:

It’s totally chilling, in the best way. And really, he’ll need to let loose with this awesome set of jams after a night spent out with the White Walkers.

As for what we can expect from this big bad going forward, the Night King will likely be a big problem for Jon Snow in the last two seasons of Game of Thrones as tensions heat up with everyone fighting for power. So, be sure to catch Season 7 on HBO on July 16th.

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