Nicole Richie gave her sister Sofia some surprising advice about tattoos and piercings

Nicole Richie has been a fashion icon for years. And now, Nicole Richie has shared the advice she gave Sofia about tattoos and piercings. And her advice is pretty surprising. But this isn’t the first time Nicole has surprised us. From her reveal that she’s glad social media wasn’t around when she was younger, to her decision to not apologize about her wild years, she’s an enigma we love to learn about! And her 19-year-old sister Sofia is following in her footsteps.

Now, the advice Nicole gave Sofia is surprising, because most parents and older siblings think differently. When it comes to piercings and tattoos, they’d rather you get a piercing because that can heal. Tattoos are permanent.

Nicole thinks differently, because now you can get tattoos removed.

While Nicole isn’t wrong, she has an unusual take on tattoos vs. piercings. Nicole told Glamour why she didn’t want her sister to get piercings, and it makes sense.

"Get a tattoo over a piercing because piercings leave scars," she said. "I have a belly button ring, and I hate it. I mean, I don’t have the belly button ring — I’d probably feel better if I did — I just have this stupid scar."

Nicole added that you can always get a tattoo removed.

"I hear about people removing them all the time."

Plus, she shared a surprising detail about her own tattoos:

"None of mine are [meaningful], unfortunately."

While her advice may be surprising, Nicole’s logic is sound. And it looks like it worked. Because Sofia has some chic tiny tattoos, but only ear piercings.

It’s always great to see sisters giving each other advice.

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