This is why Nicole Richie is glad social media wasn’t around when she was growing up

We’ve had the same thoughts before. Amazing lady (and mom) Nicole Richie is thankful that social media wasn’t popular during her own childhood and teenhood. We mean, she did have a few reality shows when she was in her 20’s, but since that’s how we fell in love with her, we know that the cameras were solely for entertainment.

The 35-year-old is the mother of two — Harlow, who is nine, and Sparrow, who is seven. Time flies, since we definitely remember when these two were born like it was yesterday!

Since she’s about the star in the new television show Great News, she had an interview with Refinery29.

 Being interviewed by her dear friend Rashida Jones, she shared her thoughts on social media, and shared a few incredible parenting tips as well!

"I would have been a monster!" Richie admitted when discussing what would have happened if she had access to sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Jones noted that back then, they were allowed to make mistakes — while teens today often aren’t. Instead, mistakes get broadcast and publicized. Richie commented that even though things weren’t so public, she still ended up getting caught a lot.

"I got caught — everything I did, and we didn’t even have camera phones! And I still figured out how to get caught every time I did something wrong. Can you imagine? I'm telling you, I'm like, ugh, thank God I was born in 1981," she said.

 These days, Richie’s life is more about kids museums than fancy events — and she seems pretty content with that. In fact, one of her most important priorities is making sure her kids have a full childhood. Richie noted that “family and togetherness and just developing a strong closeness and trust with our kids right now, especially at this age, is the most important thing,” and we love how dedicated she is.

We truly believe that Nicole Richie might just be the coolest mom out there.

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