Nicole Richie recreated her 2000s look for Paper, and our velour tracksuit-wearing inner teens are screaming

If you came of age in the early aughts, it’s very likely you pored over magazines where the cover stars du jour were some combination of Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan. Tbh, the early aughts were the best time for celebrity adoration. However, those super celebs of the 2000s are all grown up now and all we have are the memories. Richie, in 2018, is a savvy businesswoman and mom, Hilton is a DJ and newly engaged, Britney Spears remains an icon, and Lohan is now the face of

To honor the best era in celebrity gossip, Richie recently recreated her iconic ’00s looks for Paper Magazine, and we are losing our damn minds.

"Just as I was prepared to lock up the early 2000 Nicole & throw away the key, @papermagazine magazine asked me to re-create some of my looks for the most fun photo shoot I've done in a long time. I got to play with wigs, small dogs, and laughed for about 8 hours straight. So here she is, in all her glory... minus the Percocet," Richie captioned an album of the photos.

Click through the gallery — it’s like a history lesson in Hollywood celebrity culture.

Velour tracksuit? Check. Blackberry? Check. Side bangs? Check, check, check.

Here, some of the newly recreated photos for Paper:



And below, the photos that inspired the new photoshoot:



Your girl loved a headscarf throughout the ’00s. We love Richie, not only because her existence is basically a Hollywood yearbook, but also because she has the best sense of humor about herself.

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