Nicole Richie just joined the make-up free movement and her reasons are so valid

The latest lady to hop on board the makeup-free movement? Nicole Richie. The style icon opened up about going makeup free in PeopleStyle’s “5 Questions” video series, and we’re sending her so much support!

“I know people [who] are so comfortable in makeup and they feel alive and that is what they love to do,” Richie said. “So I wouldn’t say that I am against it because I know people that really get joy and feel the most like themselves when they put on makeup. I feel the most like myself when I don’t have any on and so that’s the road that I go down.”

She just feels more empowered that way, and we’re 100000% in support of women being empowered. Like, yes.

“Some people love to wear makeup and that’s their thing. They like it. They’re comfortable in it. It’s not something that I would do. I like having a bare face. That’s me.” Richie told People.


There’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup.

If you love makeup, by all means, wear makeup! We’re definitely not in the business of shaming women (or anyone!) for doing what they want with their appearance. It’s your body, after all, and your body is your business, and yours only. Makeup shaming is a problem very much based in femmephobia, and we totally believe you should rock as much makeup as you want…. though maybe think twice before doing 100 layers of it (our faces still hurt). Even Alicia Keys, the new poster girl for the bare face, says you should wear it if you wanna.

But some women *don’t* feel empowered from makeup.

In fact they feel the opposite! While some like to bounce between wearing makeup and not, the amount of backlash women face if we don’t wear makeup is pretty horrendous. Wearing makeup is for sure something that comes with benefits (as well as you wear it in a way that suits the ~male gaze~ of course, UGH), and not wearing it does take a fair amount of DGAF. While we don’t all expect to make a political statement by going bare-faced, it does have political implications since it impacts from everything from us getting paid less at work to being asked if we’re sick to being straight up insulted.

Long story short? Do your thing, lady! We’ve got your back whether you have makeup guilt or just need some tips for how to keep your skin ~fresh~ makeup or no makeup.

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