Nicole Kidman spoke about “embracing” turning 50, and we’re loving it

There’s nothing wrong with getting older, which is why we’re so into what Nicole Kidman has to say about turning 50 later this year.

We love Nicole’s career at the moment. It feels like the actress, who is always fabulous, is having a career renaissance, with her roles in Big Little Lies and Sofia Coppola’s upcoming movie The Beguiled. What’s more, Nicole, who has cemented her position as a Hollywood icon, showcased her talents in four (!) films at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. We take this to mean that she shows no signs of hanging up her acting hat anytime soon (THANK GOODNESS!).

Indeed, Kidman has said that she won’t be stopped, especially by something like her 50th birthday.

The star was chatting to Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of The Beguiled in L.A. on Monday (June 12th) where she spoke about the big 5-0.

"I'm absolutely embracing it," the actress said. "I try to embrace all parts of my life now because I think you just go, 'Wow. [I'm] so lucky, so blessed.'"

While many of us might consider throwing a massive 50th birthday party, Kidman, who turns 50 on June 20th, said that she was keeping things low key and spending time with loved ones.

“[I’m] making an effort to go back and see my mom in Australia and spend time [with her],” she explained. “I’ve got the whole summer off, so I’m just kind of relaxing.”

Given how busy Nicole’s been, we think a bit of time off is well-deserved.

Later in the interview, the actress spoke about her dedication to work on projects that are helmed by women.

“I’ve managed to do two now! I did Big Little Lies and then Beguiled in a row,” she said. “[It’s] so fantastic! I loved it!

“Bring it on, give me more girls, more women!”

Hey, who are we to complain about that? More girls, more women!