Nicole Kidman tells us what beauty products she shares with Keith Urban and why she’s down for a “Practical Magic” sequel

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Nicole Kidman is living her best life. She stars in the HBO mega-hit, Big Little Lies; she signed a first-look deal with Amazon Studios in partnership with her production company Blossom Films; and, don’t forget, she’s a Neutrogena brand ambassador. So how does the Oscar winner unwind during her precious free time? Aside from soaking up the sun (responsibly, of course) and enjoying the outdoors, she told HelloGiggles she loves a good massage and de-stressing with lavender-scented oils. (Celebs, they’re just like us.)

HelloGiggles sat down with Nicole Kidman at the Lombardi House during the Create & Cultivate and Neutrogena-hosted event in Los Angeles. She told us about the beauty products she shares with her husband Keith Urban, what she uses to de-stress, and her favorite skin care products from the drugstore. But aside from giving us helpful beauty and wellness tips, the actress talked about the possibility of filming a Practical Magic sequel with Sandra Bullock (and she definitely laughed when we asked if she knew that Sandra gets “penis facials”).

Keep on reading if you want to know more about Nicole’s Big Little Lies makeup request, her thoughts on massages, and how her husband is “open to what I suggest” when it comes to beauty.

HelloGiggles: What beauty products do you find yourself recommending to your friends?

Nicole Kidman: Since I started working with Neutrogena, I’ve discovered theirs. I love the Night Repair and the Regenerating Cream because it’s so easy for me. It has the retinol, but I don’t breakout from it. I have naturally dry skin and it doesn’t let my skin dry. I can put it on at night and know that it’s evening my skin tone. Then, obviously, the sunscreens are incredible because my whole life has been, “I’ve got to wear a hat. No I can’t go out in the sun.” I’m fair, so to be able to go and just live my life, but still protect my skin, that’s ideal for me. There’s an Ultra Sheer SPF 100+, which is the best for me. I mean other people have different desires, but that I can just put on. I can film. I can workout. It’s waterproof, so I’m taken care of.

HG: That sunscreen is easy to wear with makeup, too.

NK: It’s so great to wear under makeup because it blends right in. And I’m not going, “Oh my gosh am I going to have a red, peeling nose tomorrow?” which I do not like the look of.

HG: I’m not sure if you read that Sandra Bullock gets the “penis facial….”

NK: Never heard of it.

HG: Or if you saw Chrissy Teigen recently do vaginal steaming. What’s the craziest beauty treatment you’ve gotten?

NK: A what? [laughs] No, I’m in shock. I just am an old-fashioned girl. The old-fashioned oxygen facial works for me and a good, old massage. I’ll definitely Google that, I’ll have a look. I love massages and I’m a masseuse so I’m a huge advocate of that. I think it’s really medicinal, but also just a feel-good thing. If you can get one, if you can give one — even friend-to-friend, lover-to-lover, all of those things, I just am a huge believer in it, the power of that touch.

HG: Do you feel like that de-stresses you, getting massages or giving them since you said you’re a masseuse?

NK: Absolutely—I have a lot of trouble sleeping so that helps me sleep. It’s something that I have to really, consciously work on is sleep. It doesn’t come naturally for me.

HG: Speaking of that, are there any beauty products you use to help you sleep?

NK: Yeah. There’s a beautiful little thing that I get in Australia called Bless You. It’s a lavender thing. I put it on my kids’ chest and they are like, “Oh good, good.” I use lavender oil and jasmine when I want to feel good. That’s sort of a natural anti-depressant. I respond deeply to smells. To good smells and being touched.

HG: Have your kids taken any interest in beauty or have you helped them figure out their own style?

NK: They have such distinct styles and what they want to do and how they want to wear it. I let them find their way. In terms of what they want to wear, I don’t put my mark on them with any of that. I’m into modesty. That’s just me. They are not allowed to wear really revealing clothes or anything, but at the same time, I’m letting them find their own voice and their own expression, particularly as daughters of somebody very well known. That’s, I think, a really important part of finding who they are. They are strong-willed. I’m raising strong-willed daughters.

HG: With the beauty industry stepping away from the word “anti-aging,” what other terms do you hope the industry stops using or starts embracing more of?

NK: I think supporting women would be the biggest thing. Not criticizing. I think the idea of being kind and supporting needs to be part of our culture, because the criticism we’ve seen is destructive. Constructive criticism is good, but when it’s just based in no construction where it’s just cruel, I just don’t get it. I’ve grown up with a very supportive family and group of women around me. I’ve had incredible mentoring and mothering and I’ve got a sister who is like my twin. I’ve got a husband who is incredibly nourishing. I just think that it’s just a better way to operate. That harsh criticism, I think, doesn’t ultimately do anyone any good, especially physical criticism. What is that about?

HG: Right. Especially since we’re all made differently — we all have different bodies, skin, hair…

NK: Let’s help each other. That’s the mother in me. It’s like we just need to be easy on ourselves and on others. It doesn’t need to be so harsh. That’s what I try to do with my girls. A lot of it is go with the flow. Express yourself and your feelings, but it needs to be done carefully at times. It can’t just be a stream of consciousness, because that does have consequences.

HG: What are some beauty tips you’ve learned from your cast members on Big Little Lies?

NK: Because we get to work with the best makeup artists, they are always passing things on. Reese [Witherspoon] and I do not like brown lipstick. We never go into the brown hues. Other people do. Laura [Dern] doesn’t mind it. Zoë [Kravitz] doesn’t mind it. Zoë is like whatever, and she’s just so gorgeous she can wear anything, but Reese and I definitely gear towards the pinks. I also love rosy cheeks. I’m always saying, “Can I have more blush please? More. More.” They are like, “It’s plenty, Nicole.”

HG: Are there any beauty products that you steal from your husband or that he steals from you?

NK: I’ll put the lavender oil on him, and he’ll use my sunscreen. He’s open to whatever I suggest. I also like that he’s not in front of the mirror a lot. He’s not a primper. He’s pretty much a guy-guy. He’ll do a little bit and that’s it. He’s not fussy, and he doesn’t want to be fussed over. He likes to just do his own thing, and I just let him do whatever he wants in terms of taking care of himself because I just don’t think it does well fussing and nagging. I don’t have time.

HG: Last, how do you feel about fans calling for Practical Magic 2, especially since the 20-year anniversary is coming up? Would you consider it?

NK: Are they calling for a part two?

HG: Yes! They are.

NK: No way. That’s adorable. I didn’t know that. I love Sandy. I would absolutely be up for it. I love witches. I loved playing those sister witches. That was really fun. I had no idea that that was what they wanted. My daughters caught a glimpse of it on TV the other day. I was like, “Whoa this is actually more intense than I remember it.” It was when I was on the floor, banging. There was a charm to that film that I really love. I love Sandy’s humor. She has that dry, dry humor, which is just fantastic. Bring it on is what I say. And we could have baby witches; we could have a whole coven.

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