Nicole Kidman revealed the reason why this Keith Urban song made her cry, and it’s adorable

Is there anything more heartwarming than seeing people in love? Well, one such couple that give us so many #relationshipgoalsis Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, who recently made us feel all loveydovey when Nicole revealed that one of her hubby’s songs made her cry for a SUPER romantic reason.

From calling Nicole his best friend to doing cute duets together (yes, really!), we absolutely love seeing how happy Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are together. The couple, who have been married for 11 years now, continuously prove that they have the most adorable relationship, and have previously shared their secrets to a happy partnership: just love.

Well, now Nicole Kidman has shared another insight into the couple’s relationship, and this time it’s about why one of Keith’s songs made her cry.

Speaking on the red carpet at the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday night (April 2nd), Nicole opened up about how Keith’s duet with Carrie Underwood, “The Fighter,” made her well up when she first heard it, and the reasons are SO romantic.

Discussing the song, which Keith performed at the event, Nicole recalled the moment she first heard it, and knew that the song was about her.

"I remember when he first played it for me, and I started to cry because…he writes these things — they come out of I don’t know — and they’re like beautiful gifts, she said.


Speaking about the song, Keith revealed that the track was nearly left off his last album.

“I think if Carrie said no, we were set with the schedule and everything, we would have just had to leave that song off the record,” he said.  That would have given me time to find the right person. I wouldn’t rush the wrong person in there just to make a record. Thank goodness she said yes.”

Also supporting Keith at last night’s awards (albeit at home) were his and Nicole’s two daughters, Faith and Sunday.

“When my daughters do this……I’ve ALREADY WON!!!!” he shared on Instagram.

Despite being the most nominated artist at yesterday’s ACM Awards, Keith Urban failed  to pick up any gongs during the ceremony, which saw the likes of Miranda Lambert and Thomas Rhett win big. For the complete list of winners visit here.

Meanwhile, we’re going to go and play “The Fighter” on repeat for the rest of the day…

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