Nicole Kidman opened up about how “Moulin Rouge!” helped her get through her *very* public divorce with Tom Cruise

Anyone who loves musicals has probably seen the amazing Moulin Rouge!, but it’s interesting to hear that the film also holds a special significance for its lead actress.

Entertainment Weekly let us know that Nicole Kidman learned a ‘great life lesson’ during the movie, and it concerned her extremely high-profile divorce from Tom Cruise (which was happening while she was promoting the film).

The simple advice came from director Baz Luhrmann and his team, which Kidman describes as an incredibly positive influence.

"Thank God for Baz and all of Fox, actually, at that time. Everyone was so good to me. It was like, ‘Come on. Off we go. Onward.’ It was a really good approach. It’s a great life lesson. ‘Onward.’"

Honestly, we can’t imagine embarking on a stressful, super public publicity tour while going through a painful divorce. But it seems like Kidman came out the other side all in one piece — and with wisdom to boot!

"We put a lot into [Moulin Rouge!] so there was no choice [to not do publicity]. I’m so glad I did. Pushing through that stuff, I think, it’s a great thing to do. I think people that have gone through things a lot of the times will tell you, just [take it] day by day, right? You push through it."

It’s actually great advice for any difficult situation life might throw our way.  Just taking it one day at a time and focussing on what needs to get done in the day, or the moment, or the second, adds up, and eventually, you realize you’re moving on.

We’ll be remembering this magic word:


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