Nicole Kidman is waiting until the very last minute to choose her Emmys dress

We probably all know people who do things at the last minute, and maybe we’re one of them. But, OMG, Nicole Kidman *still* hadn’t picked her Emmys dress as of yesterday, reported Vogue. What?! Aren’t the Emmys…tonight? Yes! Of course, Kidman is up for an Emmy for Best Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for her role as Celeste in Big Little Lies. Tbh, we’re not at all surprised. But we are still in shock about the dress, or no dress, as the case seems to be.

Kidman revealed the news yesterday, September 16th, as she explained her getting-ready plan to Vogue.

“I’ll put Philip B [Rejuvenating] Oil in my hair overnight, and then I’ll chill out, Kidman said. “Kylee Heath is going to do my hair [on Sunday], and we’ll figure out the style once I’ve decided on the dress!

We can only assume she has some choices, though…

And she ~did~ reveal her love for fashion.

“I’ve always loved clothes, I love how they’re made, I love looking at the seams, Kidman told Vogue. “I’m just in awe of designers.

We’ll second that — and she definitely looks amazing in whatever she wears! Kidman also told Vogue her main red carpet trick.

“Just holding my husband [Keith Urban]’s hand, she said. “It really grounds me, because it’s awkward standing there sometimes by myself, so I really love having him there.

Okay, we have all the feels right now.

In any case, we’re crossing our fingers for Kidman tonight…and can’t wait to see what dress she wears!

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