Nicole Kidman looked like a beautiful silver and pink bird in this ombre gown

If we had to pick a Patronus for Nicole Kidman, it would be some kind of long-necked, graceful being. Something that floats effortlessly through life, always appearing more beautiful the next time you look at it,  like a swan or a dove.

Kidman herself is apparently channeling these vibes. She appeared at a gala for the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. While there, she celebrated its House of Dior exhibit. And her dress for the occasion was magnificent.

The feathered Dior gown shimmered in silver before fading in a gorgeous ombre of sunset colors in soft orange and pink.


The dress cinched the corset-style bodice with a skinny black belt, adding a bit of dimension to the dress. Also, Kidman wore minimal jewelry. Instead, she wore her hair down in loose curls, with a glittering pair of earrings.


Furthermore, the slightly asymmetrical neckline featured plenty of ruffled chiffon. And her minimal makeup makes her look straight out of a Glossier advertisement. The whole effect makes Kidman look delicate, but strong. Total swan move.


In addition, Kidman has channeled our avian friends in the past. At the SAG Awards in January, she donned a sparkling green Gucci gown with sequined, distinctly parrot-esque feathers.


Meanwhile, Kidman is also up to more exciting things. The actress has several films on the horizon for 2018, including a role as Queen Atlanna in the upcoming Aquaman film. She’ll star alongside Khal Drogo, erm, we mean Jason Momoa.

So we can’t wait to see what she wears to all of those premieres. We trust it’ll be a style statement.

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