Nicolas Cage just helped rescue a missing teen, is hero on and off-screen

Thanks to the valiant efforts of police, parents who think outside the box, and yes, Nicolas Cage, an abducted teen girl is home safe this week. 15 year-old Alexis Boroviak went missing from her home in mid-November, never returning after walking her dog. When attempts to find her returned no results, her stepfather, Britton Ramsey, decided to take matters into his own hands.

Learning that movie star Nicolas Cage was shooting his new movie, Dog Eat Dog, in a nearby Ohio town, Ramsey hurried there with a copy of the missing poster of his daughter. Cage gamely agreed to a photo with the poster and Ramsey, which soon went viral on social media and in the press, bringing national attention to the search. According to Ramsey, people were more willing to help once they saw the poster. Speaking to TMZ, he said that people would recognize him as “the Nicolas Cage guy,” and offer needed aid.

While Cage’s assistance doubtlessly brought needed attention to the case, police credit a major break in the investigation to Alexis’ mother, who found a concerning social media page and reported it to the police. With this data, officials were able to track down Christopher David Shroeder, 41, who had persuaded Alexis to come with him to his home in Missouri after the two met on an Internet chat forum.

Thanks to the real-life heroics of her parents, Alexis was brought home safely. According to police, while Alexis may have left voluntarily, she was frightened by Shroeder and afraid to leave or make contact because he owned guns. Shroeder, meanwhile, has been charged with making child pornography, statutory rape, and transporting a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.

As for Nicolas Cage? Everyone’s favorite treasure hunter hasn’t spoken publicly about his role in finding Alexis, but her family remains grateful for his aid. Ramsey told TMZ that while hasn’t seen Cage since taking the photograph, he’d love to buy him a beer in thanks.

(Image via Twitter)