Nicolas Cage crashed a Nicolas Cage convention, and it’s HILARIOUS!

In the most memeable thing to happen in the history of all time, Nicolas Cage crashed a Nicolas Cage convention, and it’s hilarious in only the way Nicolas Cage can be.

While he might also have an illustrious (and sometimes celebrated) movie career, Nicolas Cage has also become somewhat of an internet darling. The 53-year-old actor has become subject to hilarious internet-based tales, been turned into *every* character on Game of Thronesand even has an eyeshadow named after him(!). There’s even a blog that turns Nic Cage into, well, everyone!

That’s why we’re not surprised to find out that Nicolas Cage attended a Nicolas Cage movie festival and acted in the most Nicolas Cage way possible.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Greg MacLennan from Austin, Texas, has been hosting a Nicolas Cage film festival called CAGED for the last three years. MacLennan plays a marathon of the actor’s films in a hope that, one day, Nic Cage himself might show up.

However, at this year’s event, called C4GED 4-EVER, MacLennan was greeted with one heck of a surprise: Nicholas Cage actually did show up.

The star of films such as Face/OffMoonstruck, and Family Man turned up in Austin to attend C4GED 4-EVER. But not only that, he also selected four of his own films to watch (Bangkok Dangerous, Joe, Bringing Out the Dead, Army of One, and Lord of War) and then hosted an impromptu question and answer session lasting 45 minutes (!).

While that might already seem like an incredible thing to witness, Cage then proceeded to give an 11-minute dramatic reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s gothic short story, The Tell-Tale Heart. What’s more, it’s the MOST extra, Nic Cage reading of this story EVER.

Okay, we can’t get enough of this. Not only is it INCREDIBLE that Cage decided to show up at a film festival dedicated to himself (LOL), but we love that he stayed, answered questions, and then gave an amazing performance too!

Seriously, don’t ever change Nic Cage!

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