Nicola Peltz Just Got a Delicate Little Tattoo Dedicated to Fiance Brooklyn Beckham

As far as tattoos of people's names go, this one is pretty cute.

One year after Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz got engaged, she’s committing to her future husband in a new (and pretty permanent) way. This week, Peltz showed off a new tattoo dedicated to Beckham, and being that he has multiple that are dedicated to her, she still has a lot of catching up to do!

The tattoo itself is pretty simple, but it’s delicate and pretty at the same time. The Bates Motel actress shared a photo of her new ink on her Instagram Story: Beckham’s name, written in cursive on her upper back.

Beckham also shared the pic on his Instagram Story, so it seems like both halves of this couple are pretty happy with the way it turned out. Meanwhile, he happens to have several tattoos that are all about Peltz on his body, from her grandmother’s name (Gina) to Peltz’s eyes over a permanent reminder of a love letter she once wrote to him.

Beckham and Peltz announced their engagement last summer, less than a year after they started dating (at least, as far as the public knows, anyway). Since then, they’ve been practically inseparable, and Peltz even spent Easter with his family. Honestly, what would be cooler than doing the holidays with Posh Spice?

Couples’ tattoos might not always work out for the best (and for some reason, getting ink like this seems to doom celebrity relationships even more), but this one is pretty cute.

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