Nicola Coughlan Left an Easter Egg in the First Episode of ‘Bridgerton’ That We *All* Missed

Now you won't be able to unsee it during your next rewatch.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Season 1 of ‘Bridgerton.’

According to Bridgerton star Nicola Coughlan, we could have all predicted her connection to Lady Whistledown and her society papers at the very start thanks to an Easter egg Coughlan herself planted in the first episode. On Saturday, February 20th, Coughlan tweeted to her followers asking if anyone caught on to a Penelope Featherington costume detail that hinted at the big reveal at the end of the season.

Ok I’m just curious, Coughlan tweeted on the 20th, has anyone spotted the massive Easter Egg about Penelope in the very first scene of Bridgerton?

The guesses were good: Some thought that Coughlan may have requested Penelope go by the nickname “Pen” to link her to the gossip papers. Others thought that maybe it was a sign that the Featherington house was shown before the Bridgerton’s. And the little bee on the screen near Penelope, in hindsight, is definitely a hint.

But none of these guesses were correct until one Bridgerton fan guessed the quill? To which Coughlan responded, Ding Ding Ding!!

“When I filmed Penelope’s first scene I chose a prop, a massive massive feather that looked a lot like [a quill pen],” Coughlan explained in a follow-up tweet. Genius! She continued in a separate tweet, “I’m very impressed with those that spotted it! I decided on a prop for the scene where you first see Penelope, that prop happened to be a giant feather that looked a lot like…a quill.”

Coughlan also hinted at the fact that there may be more than one Easter egg hiding in Season 1, and if we find any during our rewatch, she’ll confirm or deny if they’re legit.

Now that we know Easter eggs are definitely a thing in Bridgerton our eyes are peeled, and we’re so ready to go hunting in Season 2.

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