Nicki Minaj’s reaction when she met Lauryn Hill is super relatable

Imagine the following: You’re at a busy day at work, gearing up for a big presentation that’ll be broadcast out to a million viewers (bear with me). Then all of a sudden, while in the midst of your pre-presentation grind, the idol of your childhood just decides to pop into your workplace. In that scenario, I’m willing to bet that most of us would probably start shedding some tears. And some of us would probably get on our knees and actually bow down to our idols.

That’s what happened when Nicki Minaj, preparing to perform at the TIDAL X: 1015 Charity Concert, bumped into Miss Lauryn Hill before the show.

First off, can we just take a moment to appreciate how both women are dressed? If I ever met like, Grimes, I would almost definitely be wearing stained sweatpants and three-day-old bedhead, but here Minaj is full-on stunting in a giant fur coat over what appears to be quite the catsuit. Meanwhile, Miss Hill looks like a fabulous fairy godmother in a gorgeous printed dress and the! dopest! frames!

Of course, Minaj took the opportunity to snap some selfies together:

During their meeting, Hill told Minaj to keep “spittin dat fire,” which is probably the nicest compliment anyone can ever give Minaj. And in one of her captions, she revealed that Hill had been the source of a yearbook quote. Perhaps the quote from… this yearbook edition?

It’s always amazing to see two generations of artists, in implicit conversation with each other, meet and graduate into actually speaking together. That Hill and Minaj hadn’t crossed paths before seems like an anomaly if anything, but we’re glad that their first meeting was as amazing as it seemed. And rest assured, if any of us got the chance to meet our heroes, we should all hope that the meeting goes like this.

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