Nicki Minaj is having a serious vacation disaster and we totally sympathize

Due to bad weather, Nicki Minaj having a serious vacation disaster and it something we can totally sympathize with! The Queen of Rap took a break recently and jetted off to the Caribbean island of Curaçao.

Rather than being greeted by endless sun rays, Nicki is dealing with a full blown rainstorm.

Nicki’s villa came with great views and an even nicer pool. As a result of the inconvenient rain, the songstress isn’t able to enjoy any of it. Though, she has been able to share some of her adventures on Instagram and we are cracking up!

Nicki reminds us that even in times of stress she still has a wonderful sense of humor.

In the video you can hear Nicki joking around.

"Nah, sun. No, nah. I’m gettin’ in this pool. God, Imma need a miracle, cause I want to go in the pool. I did not come all the way out here to be lookin’ at the pool and not comin’ in the pool."

Nicki Minaj is in a great place right now with her music, even when physically stuck in a rainstorm. In addition to being an incredible talent, her career is flourishing. During Nicki Minaj’s appearance at the AMA’s with Ariana Grande she didn’t event get up from her wicker throne. Instead, she delivered the bars sitting down like the straight up queen that she is.

Of course, when you slay that hard, you definitely need a break every now and then. And from the looks of it, Nicki is enjoying every moment of that break with her BF and fellow rapper Meek Mill. The two look perfect together.

It seems that even a little rain can’t keep Nicki Minaj down for long.