Nicki Minaj tweeted the baby emoji, and people started totally freaking out

In a bid to send her fans and the internet into a meltdown, Nicki Minaj tweeted out the baby emoji sparking speculation that the singer and rapper might be trying to tell us something.

Now, Nicki has been known to troll her fans before about whether or not she’s with child. Earlier this year, the rapper shared a picture on Instagram of herself looking very, *very* pregnant, which ultimately turned out to be fake. While at the time Nicki shared that she was single, the star later appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she was quizzed about her romance with fellow rapper Nas.

Yesterday morning, the “Starships” singer sent out a tweet that simple contained one emoji…

Obviously, when a celeb tweets something cryptic about babies, people generally freak out, and Nicki’s fans were no different.

“BABY ON THE WAY ????? ,” one fan tweeted.

“What’s going on sis,” another said.


Others reacted with more, shall we say, enthusiasm… false


Some users speculated that the tweet *could* be referencing a possible collaboration with DJ Khaled’s son, Asahd (who, if you’re not aware, is actually a songwriter and producer despite being one year old). false false

Nicki’s tweet comes after a report suggested that the 34-year-old wanted to have children with Nas.

According to an anonymous source (so take it all with a pinch of salt), Nicki isn’t actually pregnant, but wants kids very soon.

“Nicki may not be getting married anytime soon, but she does not want that to slow her down from pursuing her dreams of being a mother,” the source reportedly said. “She has already floated the idea by Nas about using his sperm to make a baby. Nicki feels like a baby with Nas would be incredibly talented and she can’t think of anyone else right now she’d rather share a child with.” 

While we’re not putting too much credence in this report, Nicki is clearly up to something, whether it’s sharing some happy news with her fans or trolling the heck out of them.

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