Nicki Minaj said her new album was dropping at midnight — but what happened instead was hilarious

Is there anything more surprising than when a celebrity drops a new album on us? Beyonce basically set a new standard with her surprise release of Lemonade, and now fans are eager to relive the experience with any and all musicians. Nicki Minaj SERIOUSLY played with our hearts on Saturday night by going on Twitter and promising us the release of a new album at midnight.

The singer released a new song called “The Pinkprint Freestyle” in early September, so fans are excited to hear the full album. Nicki hasn’t released a new album since 2014, so fans are pretty desperate to hear some new tunes from her. Twitter went wild with her tweets, but alas, the joke was on us.


Nicki played along for a few hours, then fessed up. We can relive the highs and lows of the whole experience thanks to a collection of her tweets, of course.

If you didn’t catch that Nicki was joking from the album title alone, it became 100 percent clear by the time she “released” list of song names and they were all kinds of fruit (including everyone’s favorite fruit-flavored cereal, Fruit Loops).

As you can see from the tweets above, Nicki was a really good sport and replied back and forth with a bunch of fans who were simultaneously hoping the album was fake and hoping it was real (because, come on, we REALLY need some new music from you Nicki. We’ll take anything).

Alas, as of right now it appears that there is no release date in sight, though we are safe assured that new music IS on its way… eventually.

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