Nicki Minaj spent all Saturday paying off fans’ tuitions

Celebrities are often known for doing charitable work. Rapper Nicki Minaj spent all Saturday paying off fans’ tuitions via Twitter. She tweeted in regards to another contest, saying that she could afford to fly her fans from “ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD” which prompted a fan to ask if she would be interested in paying their tuition. Provided that they could show legitimate examples of need she agreed to pay the tuition for that fan before deciding that maybe she should turn it into a contest. If fans could show her their grades and their need, she was happy to pay.

Another fan chimed in asking Minaj to help her with her medical school tuition. She has a 4.0 GPA.

Another fan said “NICKI DONT PLAY. ILL GIVE YOU A 4.0”

Another fan took issue with Nicki Minaj only seeming to target students with straight A’s, assuming that they probably get scholarship funds, which isn’t always the case.

Another fan, who according to Twitter is from Atlanta, GA via Lima, Peru appealed to Minaj’s immigrant background. When Minaj asked if money is her main reason for not attending school, her best friend defended her as well.

While some people were asking for sums around $1K, some were lower. One fan tweeted that they needed “$500 for my summer books and supplies.”

Minaj didn’t even ask for proof. Anything under $1K, she simply asked for banking info to send money directly. false

Many fans used the opportunity to hopefully get back to school if financial hardship was the thing keeping them from finishing. false

When one fan sent a bill for multiple loans, Minaj agreed to pay off more than one. false

Eventually though, Minaj had to put a cap on the donations.

Nicki Minaj’s Twitter generosity comes weeks after Chance the Rapper launched a fund to create arts and literature programs in the Chicago school system. It is so great to see celebrities use their platforms for good.


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