Nicki Minaj Opens Up About Motherhood, Fears and Anxieties in New Interview

Being a celebrity is tough enough, and the rapper is working on being the best parent for 2-year old son Papa Bear.

Rapper and songwriter Nicki Minaj loves being mama bear to her son “Papa Bear,” the nickname she gave to her 2-year old son. Like many moms, she is currently navigating the ups and downs of parenthood alongside partner Kenneth “Zoo” Petty.

While motherhood as one of the hottest musicians on the planet may seem very different, she recently revealed she deals with many of the same issues parents around the world deal with every day.

In a recent interview with E! News’ Justin Sylvester, the “Super Bass” superstar revealed she deals with lots of anxiety when it comes to being a parent, especially while she’s away.

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“I’m very attached to my son,” she explains. “I remember being in the U.K. and just bawling. And when I try to FaceTime him, I get more sad. So, I try to hold out on FaceTiming him because to then put the phone down is so difficult.”

It’s a feeling lots of moms can relate to, especially given how much responsibility many of them face when it comes to raising kids. Minaj herself admitted in the interview that she doesn’t have a nanny, and struggles to balance her life onstage with her life at home.

But putting Papa Bear’s best interests first is her main priority. She referenced how culturally, Trinidadian women don’t use nannies, but with so much to deal with in terms of her mega career goals, she’s coming around to the idea for sure. 

“I have to get it out of my mind that it’s a weird thing,” she adds, “Because there are tons of celebrities that are doing it and they’re raising amazing children.”

The open interview revealed how she feels about the expectations moms face on a daily basis to be “perfect” and that fears surrounding Papa Bear’s wellbeing have caused a lot of added anxiety.

“I hate that I have more anxiety now because you’re like, ‘What if the one time I leave my child, I get that phone call?'” she stated.

Minaj has been very open about her mental health and how it impacts her life, career, and parenthood. Back in 2021, she revealed how taking a break from the media was “soooo needed…very much needed that zen for important bonding time w|my son, getting back fluid w|writing & smthn else I don’t want to discuss yet. If u know u know.”

For now, Minaj is excited about her recent photoshoot for Interview Magazine, and has been sharing the images on her social media profiles.

The issue also contains an interview between Minaj and Jada Pinkett Smith, where some of the discussion surrounding her feelings on motherhood are also revealed.




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