Nicki Minaj is channeling Medusa in this snake-covered dress, and we might just turn to stone

She wears snakes like no one’s business and can turn you into stone with one glance of her vivid eyes. No, we’re not talking about Medusa — we’re talking about Nicki Minaj in her amazing Medusa-inspired dress. Never one to be ashamed of her brash and bold fashion choices, Nicki is queen of the avant-garde, and this look is a testimony to that.

Clad in a rhinestone-covered, sheer Charbel Zoe dress, this look features extra after outrageous extra. There’s a bodice covered in (fake) snakes in bronze, gold, and chrome; thigh-high gladiator Philipp Plein sandals; and a sheer cape jacket starred with even more rhinestones.


All in all? This look is iconic and Nicki looks like a real-life goddess.

We also love that the snakes add dimension to the dress, transforming it into fashion armor designed to help you win a battle (by stunning your opponents into silence, that is). Nicki’s long, luscious mane and flawless makeup only add to this regality. Since she kept her makeup on the neutral side, this allows us to fully appreciate her outfit.

Okay Nicki, we’re just turning to stone, don’t mind us. Who else could pull of this Grecian look so flawlessly besides Nicki? She also manages to make it look totally normal, which is a feat in itself.

In an Instagram post, she also mentioned that a paparazzi capturing this outfit changed her opinion of paparazzi (she’s normally #TeamFukThePaparazzi, in her own words). With this in mind, we’re glad Nicki’s feeling herself, too!

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